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The Client

A Top Midwestern Homebuilder

The Challenge

Your company has a unique business model. Your company website was programmed with design and marketing in mind, but you would now like to give your customers and suppliers a website that more accurately reflects your business model, so you can emphasize and take advantage of your uniqueness. Where do you begin to take your website from generic to specialized?

Our client had a similar problem. Their ad agency had developed a very attractive web presence; however, their product offering was enhanced daily with updated pricing and availability—and the website could not keep up.

Help Is On the Way

The company called Wagner and Associates to help answer these questions. Wagner studied their business model and offerings and crafted a solution to allow their website to reflect their ongoing dynamic offering while extending the agency’s design. Wagner implemented the solution such that the company now provides accurate and timely information to customers through its website that reflects their dynamic business model.